Ravens vs Commanders: Preseason Game Three Preview

August 28, 2022

Here is what to watch during the Ravens’ third and final preseason game against the Washington Commanders on Saturday. Will the Ravens win their 23rd preseason game in a row?

The Ravens are looking to add to their 23rd preseason win this Saturday against the Commanders. No game is without a few storylines so here is what’s at stake for the third and final preseason game.

The 22-game win streak is obviously at stake here. Even though it doesn’t count, the Ravens are holding a 22-game winning streak since 2016. Can they keep the streak alive with a win against the Commanders? This is also the final preseason home game until next year. 

Storylines For The Ravens Entering Preseason’s Third Week

There are many storylines happening including who will make the final roster spot at wide receiver. Given the current depth chart, the competition will be high and fans can expect to see Shemar Bridges, Makai Polk, and Tylan Wallace competing for the final spot. It is rare for the Ravens to have a six wide receiver roster so only one will make the team. 

Speaking of wide receiver, fans will also get to see the newly signed player, Demarcus Robinson out on the field against the Commanders. It will be exciting to see him in a Ravens uniform. 

Isaiah Likely will also be out on the field on Saturday and expectations are high after the performance he made in the previous two games. I am anticipating another touchdown from this rising rookie.

With contract negotiations still happening, Lamar Jackson has set a deadline by the start of the first season game. He will also not be playing in this final preseason game of the year. This is the first time he has not seen any preseason action. Given the injury risk, it is imperative he remains healthy for the season ahead. 

On the defensive front, undrafted rookie, Josh Ross has been playing at a high level this preseason. This is not surprising since Ross was coached at Michigan by Macdonald. With the history of the Ravens keeping at least one undrafted player on the team, fans are eager to see if Ross will be one of those players. 

I personally want to see the Ravens keep two to three undrafted rookies on the team including Josh Ross, Shemar Bridges, and Makai Polk.

Finally, Jordan Stout has shown his ability to be a strong punter. During the last game, he showed his impressive hangtime and ball placement thanks to his leg strength. It will be exciting to see him in action again.